Shanghai on Chinese New Year in February 2024. The year of the Dragon.

Zhujiajiao Water Town, Shanghai

I spend an entire day in this beautiful about 1,700 years old little town. The town is well preserved and the ancient residential houses and bridges are to be found along the river ways. Obviously it is a tourist destination. As I arrived very early I had hours of time just walking around making photos before the little alleys slowly filled up with people. But for me it made it even more real to experience chinese culture with little shops and food stalls everywhere.

Yu Garden, Shanghai

Yu Garden has been build more than 400 years ago. It is believed to be build in the Ming dynasty by Pan Yunduan after failing an imperial exam, as a comfort for his father.

Yu Garden is amazing. The different Halls and Chambers are surrounded by exquisite designed little gardens. Wherever I looked I have seen little details. From the railings to the roof tops.

The Oriental Pearl Radio & Television Tower, Shanghai

This tower was built from 1991 to 1994 has become an iconic landmark of Shanghai, and it does not disappoint. The different colours that are displayed every night for several hours let you make amazing photos. But also, the tour inside is well worse the time and money. There are several different options to choose from and it takes a fair bit to look at everything with the different levels that showcase media shows and lighting, educational advertising, a gaming level, obviously several levels of lookouts and even a roller coaster for the little visitors.

Germany in Snow and Ice January 2024

Butzbach, Hesse, Germany

I am born in Germany and have lived there to I was 25. I always loved the snow season, so I was extremely happy to have seen everything covered in snow and ice in January. 

Just some official stairs to the trainline with the sun poking out on the other side.

I love Australia, it is a beautiful country, but sometimes I miss just getting on a horse and riding through the forest or open fields covered in snow.

Adventures in New South Wales

Thredbo, NSW, Australia

As I mentioned earlier, I love snow. So, every year in June over my birthday I make my way down to Thredbo. There are other beautiful places around. But Thredbo reminds me a little of Germany, so it´s my favourite.

Thredbo, NSW, Australia

I loved the Art in front of Candlelight Lodge. Carved into wooden logs are these little houses, that look just to real at night. I kept waiting for little gnomes to come out.

Katoomba, NSW, Australia

The night walk in Katoomba is a must see, if you ask me. Once the sun goes down and the lights turn on, not just the waterfalls look amazing, but also the walk ways.

Sydney. A versatile and lively City that never disappoints me.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

The famous national icon that is one of the world’s greatest steel arch bridges always ends up on my camera whenever I am in Sydney.

The amazing construction impresses me every time and there never seem to be enough photos.

The Ferris wheel at Darling Harbour, Sydney

I love to entertain the little child in me, so a trip to Luna Park is always a winner with me.

The famous Ferris wheel is great fun and offers plenty of opportunities for amazing shots of the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge, but it also looks great on a photo itself. 


There is never a day when I go to the city where I come home with no photos. There is always someone that is happy to get a photo taken. 

The Bund, Shanghai

The Bund, Shanghai

I have to say, I spend a lot of hours around that area every night. The bund and its historical buildings are amazing to look at over the day. But at night it seems magical.

The Bund, Shanghai

The view onto The Bund and Huangpu River from Oriental Pearl Tower.

For several hours every night, that area along Huangpu River is lid up. It’s an incredible view.

Shanghai People´s Heroes Memorial Tower

At the north end of The Bund, you find this impressive concrete structure, that was built to show respect to those who fought for their homeland. At night it is presented in different colours, and it surely makes a statement.